Rose Water Facial Toner For Your Beauty Care Routine

There is a well-known saying that we have all heard; Every rose has its thorns; however in this case, not necessarily so. I am of course referring to the positive effects associated with using Rose Water Facial Toner. This facial treatment is designed to Cleanse, Tone, and Reduce Fine Lines, while its antimicrobial properties help soothe skin lesions and ease flareups caused by acne. Its modern origins date back to the 10th century of the Persian Empire. Under the guidance of Avicenna, a Persian physician who is considered to be the father of early modern medicine, a hardy variety called the Damask rose was cultivated in large gardens, the petals harvested, and pure rose water was extracted and refined to be used as a food supplement and beauty care product. Though initially reserved for local royalty and affluent families, its popularity and influence on beauty care spread. Word spread about its legendary health and cosmetic benefits, so its production was increased to a surplus level, and was then traded as a commodity with Egypt and Rome and soon spread to India and across the known world.

 Today, Rose water is a premium ingredient found in many quality beauty care products from soaps to facial cleansers and toners. The beauty care specialists at Sevyn Care offer an exceptional example of this with their Rose Water Facial Toner. An organic blend of Rose and aloe leaf juice, designed to cleanse the skin, tighten the pores, restore its natural pH balance, and add a layer of protection on your skin to help keep it hydrated.  

How often should I use a toner on my skin?

 If you compare a chemical-based toner to the natural composition of rose water and organic aloe leaf juice blended toner, you will find a noticeable difference. Chemical-based toners are harsher and tend to dry out the skin, and if used too often may damage the delicate balance of the nutrients in your skin. The mild astringent property of Rose Water Facial Toner works in a much gentler fashion, it cleanses the skin, and tightens the pores, without disrupting your skin’s natural equilibrium, and is safe to use in your daily beauty care regimen.  

Rose Water On Face Overnight Benefits

rose water skin toner

 A light application of rose water at night will help keep your skin moisturized and protected throughout your sleep, and it has the added aromatherapy benefit of a pleasant rose scent that promotes a deeper more relaxing sleep. Rose water does a great job promoting the rejuvenation of skin, as well as being an effective skin lightener so It’s great at removing dark circles under the eyes.  

What are the benefits of using Rose Water Toner on my underarms?

 This effective beauty trend is gaining in popularity. Though not a traditional area to use toner, the delicate skin under your arms lends itself perfectly to the application of toner. Razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hair caused by shaving or waxing the underarms can be really irritating. With regular application, the natural antiseptic and moisturizing properties of rose water skin toner will help control or even eliminate the problem. A secondary benefit comes from the antimicrobial nature of rose water facial toner which helps control odor-causing bacteria in the underarm area, a real win-win application. 

 Keep Your Beauty Regime Simple

Step away from complicated beauty routines and embrace the simpler methods. Without realizing it, we have a tendency of adapting our facial care routine to the stresses of our lives. When we have a particularly difficult week, we tend to scrub our face harder and apply too much product. If we have a rather sad week or a week filled with situations that make us feel overwhelmed and fatigued, we wind up neglecting our regime altogether. Its as though our beauty care ritual is a reflection of the outside world. Perhaps we are approaching it from the wrong angle and a change of our outlook may be in order. Try this approach instead; at the beginning of your week, when you are preparing to face the world, focus your mind with the positive affirmation that you will prepare your skin to face the challenges of the week. Say to yourself that your skincare products are the shields that you are wearing that will help you brace against any storm that may arise. Allow yourself the luxury of being proactive and in control. Be empowered with the confidence of a strong woman embracing a healthy mindset.

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